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Unexplained Cases | Unpacking Trauma Before Thanksgiving

Written by: Rick Garner
Case Filed: 11/22/20 - LIVE VIDEO
Executive Producer: Rick Garner


Going into Thanksgiving 2020, Maryam helps some of our viewers as they are navigating different traumatic life experiences. Plus, live pick-a-card and readings!

ABOUT UNEXPLAINED CASES: MEDIUM Beyond pick-a-card and live psychic readings, Unexplained Cases: Medium showcases Maryam the Medium - a renowned medium to people, pets & the paranormal. Her goal is to help the living and the dead and she does this especially during featured case files on the show. These are paranormal cases requiring more than gadgets to solve. Watch as Maryam uses her special gifts and abilities to confront dark entities and uncover hidden secrets. If you would like reading, please send ONE question to: Each additional question over email - $20 One hour phone session - $150 Pet reading - $50 CONNECT WITH MARYAM: TikTok | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube |


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