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An Unusual Haunting | Unexplained Cases (2023)

Written by:  Rick Garner Case Filed: 9/30/23 Executive Producer:  Rick Garner   There’s just something special about small town main streets. Something nostalgic…simple…all-American…and unusual. I mean, that’s actually the name of the store. Unusual Company of Ellicott City is known for “World Famous Authentic Italian Gelato with Non-Dairy options, Movie Memorabilia, Collectibles, Comics, and Art all wrapped up in a circa 1905 bank building!” Unusual is the perfect name. Wall to wall and on each of their two floors, they have an amazing collection of merch and products for every level of fan. When I first visited the location, of course I loved all the collectables. And I still need to try the gelato. But I sensed there was something else to Unusual. Maybe it was just a hunch…a store catering to this kind of wear might attract some spooky visitors. Or maybe it was intuition, sensing there was more to this store than meets the eye. So, I reached out to Unusual and inquired about o