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Unexplained Cases | South Washington Street

Written by:  Darren Dedo Case Filed:  05 /25/19 - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Executive Producer:  Rick Garner 6,000 acres - that’s how big Gettysburg National Military Park is. Massive, majestic, but sobering. Walking its grounds, you can feel the pain and suffering that Union and Confederate soldiers experienced during three grueling days of intense and bloody fighting in July 1863 during the Civil War. All that pain and suffering has made this hallowed ground a paranormal hotspot. While the park is haunted so are the houses and businesses that are just outside its gates. The Unexplained Cases Team teamed up with Paranormal Investigator Dan Kulick from Gettysburg Paranormal Association / Gettysburg Ghost Tours and guest ghost hunters Brian and Jen Miller. We worked with them at the Battlefield Farmhouse. This time, we had the task of documenting paranormal activity in the South Washington Street home. “The young lady who bought this house actually bought it to renovate it into

Unexplained Cases | Haunted Battlefield Farmhouse

Written by:  Darren Dedo Case Filed: 05 /13/19 - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Executive Producer:  Rick Garner Gettysburg: a sleepy Pennsylvania town with a violent past. The town and its surrounding areas were the sight of the bloodiest battle in the Civil War between Northern and Southern troops. Now, it is supercharged with paranormal activity. After hearing stories of the paranormal in Gettysburg over the past 20 years, the Unexplained Cases team packed up our gear and headed for Pennsylvania. We teamed up with the Gettysburg Paranormal Association / Gettysburg Ghost Tours to investigate near Culp’s Hill. Dan Kulick explains why this location is historical and haunted. “We call this the Battlefield Farmhouse. It was built right along-side Culp’s Hill over here on my left-hand side. Culp’s Hill was one of the bloodiest battles during the during July 1-3, 1863, due to the fact it saw battle three straight days, day and night. Those guys couldn’t even see their hands in front of

Unexplained Cases | Phoenix Lights of Arizona and Beyond

Written by:  Darren Dedo Case Filed: 05 / 4/19 - Phoenix, Arizona Executive Producer:  Rick Garner The evening of March 13, 1997, thousands of people in Phoenix, Arizona, saw something strange in the sky. It was dubbed the Phoenix Lights. Unexplained Cases spoke with several eyewitnesses of the event who are still looking for answers about what they experienced. Was it an alien spaceship? Maybe a top secret military aircraft? Or a naturally occurring phenomenon? It was 22 year ago that mysterious lights were witnessed by thousands of people. One of those eyewitnesses was Dr. Lynne Kitei.  “There were thousands of reports of craft with gun metal on the bottom and windows right above  people’s heads rooftop level," recalls Dr. Kitei. Some people saw it take off at blink speed not even dispersing the air  others saw these orbs that went out into the environment and redocked with it later. Incredible  technology for sure." Dr. Kitei says she took video of this UFO wel