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Secrets of the House in Between | Unexplained Cases (2024)

Written by:  Rick Garner Case Filed: 6/29/24 Executive Producer:  Rick Garner   Why are some places haunted while seemingly others are not? Why are some considered very haunted? One home in Mississippi appears to be very haunted when you consider the variety and frequency of documented supernatural activity. Under constant surveillance, the focus of two documentaries and countless investigations, what’s become known as “The House In Between” once was just a uniquely designed home in Florence. In 2011, our own Darren Dedo was an anchor and reporter for ABC affiliate WAPT. This was many years after our creation of “Unexplained” at the local CBS affiliate WJTV. Darren was the first journalist homeowner Alice Jackson entrusted with the secrets of her haunted house. Ten years later, in 2021, Darren reconnected with Alice and she shared consistent and additional details about her house. In November 2023, Rick Garner visited this infamous home one afternoon. While he would’ve preferre

Mystery of the Mothman | Unexplained Cases (2024)

Written by:  Rick Garner Case Filed: 2/19/24 Executive Producer:  Rick Garner   One of the cases we’ve always wanted to open is that of the Mothman. When it comes to urban legends, this guy takes the proverbial cake. He checks off all the boxes: cryptid, paranormal, interdimensional. And if not for this winged red-eyed creature, Point Pleasant, West Virginia might only be known for a tragic bridge collapse that occurred on December 15, 1967. The Silver Bridge collapsed during heavy rush-hour traffic, claiming 46 lives. Sightings of Mothman in 1966 and 67 linked the creature to the cause of the collapse, but an official investigation determined stress corrosion cracking in an eyebar led to the disaster. I had the chance to meet and speak with Steve Ward at the world famous Mothman Museum. On the subject of Mothman, Steve is an expert. Well, this is the world's only Mothman Museum. And it came about because of the sightings that took place back in the middle 60s. There were John