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Unexplained Cases | Spiritual Showdown

Written by:  Darren Dedo Case Filed: 12/31/19 - Tombstone, Arizona Executive Producer:  Rick Garner    Tombstone, Arizona was home to Lawman Wyatt Earp, gunfighter Doc Holiday, dancing girls, saloons, gambling halls, and ladies of the night. There was something for everyone in this old dusty western town in the late 1800’s. The days of the old west are over, now, ghosts are said to haunt this quaint old town.  Kenn Barrett is a Tombstone native who is now a Wyatt Earp impersonator. He explains why many people believe the town is haunted. “Famous ghost stories here are about the shadow people. Don’t look directly at them when you are walking down the sidewalk actually at night if you look just out of the corner of your eye, you’ll see people between the buildings looking at something. Then, you look at them and then they’re gone. A very common report we get here in Tombstone,” said Barrett. The Unexplained Cases team: Darren, and his ghost hunting twin daughters, Gracie and Carol