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Angels Among Us

Written by: Cindy Carter Case Filed: Thursday, 2/28/02 - Jackson, Mississippi Executive Producer: Rick Garner Angels...messengers from God. In the Hebrew Bible, there are over 300 references to these heavenly hosts in the Old and New Testaments. Looking outside of the Christian and Jewish faiths, there are references to angels in Islam. The ancient Egyptians also believed angels visited their dead. Do angels really exist? And if so, do they visit us in times of need? Sarah  Haller has no doubts.

Jackson's Worst Disaster

Written by: Jeff Rent Case Filed: 2/19/02 - Jackson, Mississippi Executive Producer: Rick Garner Few know of the horrific past a quiet block in Downtown Jackson has experienced. "It was Jackson's version of the Twin Towers," says Historian Grady Howell, Jr. He has studied the event in detail and recounts what happened when Jackson's Confederate arsenal exploded on November 5th, 1862. "And at 3:10 that afternoon, this quiet little knoll that we're standing on right now and where that building is pretty much located turned into a volcano. According to the witnesses, it blew the place into atoms. The cannonballs that were being refilled were exploding, the bullets were exploding, the wreckage was ablaze, bodies were thrown all over the place."