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Field Reports from Sloss Furnaces - Birmingham, Alabama

Written by: Rick Garner Case Filed: 10/31/01 - Birmingham, Alabama Executive Producer: Rick Garner Having never been to a steel plant, in production or not, I had no idea of what to expect.   10:35 p.m. - We begin a guided tour of Sloss Furnaces by Chris Simon, employee of McMillan Associates. Chris claims to have psychic abilities. He also admits that he's not skilled enough to always interpret what he senses. Psychic Rosemarie Sellner assists Chris in his interpretations, while cameras attempt to document everything. 10:55 p.m. - I receive a strong pain in my right ankle, that subsibes after leaving the building. We move up to the next level, the catwalk. Chris claims to have seen a white glowing light here with no source. It's difficult to breath; the air is heavy. Janis captures orbs and temperature fluxes are around a huge pipe suspended in the air, going to an upper level.