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Unexplained Cases| Haunted Ships In Baltimore

Written by:  Darren Dedo Case Filed: 11/30/19 - Baltimore, Maryland Executive Producer:  Rick Garner    She is an incredible sight to see tied up to Pier One in Baltimore Harbor - the USS Constellation. Many believe the ship is haunted. We will get to the ghosts in a minute - but, first we need a history lesson.  The USS Constellation was born in 1854 - constructed from materials that were salvaged from the frigate USS Constellation - which sailed the seas in the late 1700s to early 1800s. This new version of the majestic ship stretches 199 feet long, 43 feet across.  The Constellation was armed with 16 cannons and more than a dozen large pounder-mounted guns that could sink an enemy vessel on command from the Captain. The first captain of the Constellation, Captain Charles H. Bell.  Boat Historian  James Fulwiler shares, " Most famous for being the last sail-powered and all wood warship ever commissioned by the U.S. Navy. T hat’s in 1855, she entered service. All sai