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The Mirage Mansion | Unexplained Cases (2023)

Written by:  Jim Birchall Case Filed: 10/31/23 Executive Producer:  Rick Garner   There is something unworldly going on in the northeast of England. After a few days of exploring London's paranormal highlights I hopped on a train from St Pancras station, and before long I was in Bury St Edmunds. The town, located in the ancient county of Suffolk's history is littered with stories of spectral monks appearing to startled eyewitnesses, witchcraft and rumours of an energy superhighway of leylines. The town's namesake abbey attracts ghost hunters from far and wide. I started my investigation by walking around the town's cobbled streets and the ruins of the abbey that was the centre of monastic society in years gone by. While tales of phantom monks and a headless horseman dominate, the bizarre case of an entire spectral house that haunts a nearby small village called Rougham is something truly extraordinary. The ghostly phenomenon of a Georgian-style mansion that appea

An Unusual Haunting | Unexplained Cases (2023)

Written by:  Rick Garner Case Filed: 9/30/23 Executive Producer:  Rick Garner   There’s just something special about small town main streets. Something nostalgic…simple…all-American…and unusual. I mean, that’s actually the name of the store. Unusual Company of Ellicott City is known for “World Famous Authentic Italian Gelato with Non-Dairy options, Movie Memorabilia, Collectibles, Comics, and Art all wrapped up in a circa 1905 bank building!” Unusual is the perfect name. Wall to wall and on each of their two floors, they have an amazing collection of merch and products for every level of fan. When I first visited the location, of course I loved all the collectables. And I still need to try the gelato. But I sensed there was something else to Unusual. Maybe it was just a hunch…a store catering to this kind of wear might attract some spooky visitors. Or maybe it was intuition, sensing there was more to this store than meets the eye. So, I reached out to Unusual and inquired about o

Lady in Black at the Bunny Man Bridge | Unexplained Cases (2023)

Written by:  Rick Garner Case Filed: 6/19/23 Executive Producer:  Rick Garner   Urban legends. We love ‘em. They are the nightmare fuel of campfire and sleepover stories. Virginia happens to have an urban legend that many may have heard growing up. And many more have found online. The story goes that if you are at a bridge on Colchester Road in Fairfax County, Virginia, on Halloween at midnight, you’ll be murdered by the Bunnyman. The lore has the important pieces: a date, an asylum and the crashing of a transport bus. In 1904, an asylum stood not far from the bridge. The asylum closed and patients were being transported to a new location. The bus had an accident and all the inmates were accounted for…except for one. The escaped mental patient was named Douglas Griffon. After the crash, he disappeared. Weeks passed, and rabbit corpses began appearing in the woods. Douglas was apparently eating bunnies to stay alive. This went on for a while. On Halloween night at midnight, a g

Faith and the Paranormal

Written by:  Rick Garner Case Filed: 4/9/23 Executive Producer:  Rick Garner   Decades spent documenting and exploring unexplained cases, Rick Garner has often experienced resistance, concern and judgement from those who share his faith in God. Often he encountered the belief that no human spirits roam the earth and that there are only "familiar spirits" - demons masquerading as loved ones. However, in his discernment, Rick knew that not only was he not encountering demons but neither were multiple people who were sharing with him their unexplained activity. He began to make connections with many who shared his faith and an interest in the paranormal. Rick collected 14 hours of video footage with guests answering the same questions and edited that into "Faith and the Paranormal." This special documentary attempts to go deep into finding an answer to the question: can faith and the paranormal coexist? We thank our special guests: Brandon Kramer, Angela Boley,