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Lady in Black at the Bunny Man Bridge | Unexplained Cases (2023)

Written by: Rick Garner
Case Filed: 6/19/23
Executive Producer: Rick Garner


Urban legends. We love ‘em. They are the nightmare fuel of campfire and sleepover stories. Virginia happens to have an urban legend that many may have heard growing up. And many more have found online. The story goes that if you are at a bridge on Colchester Road in Fairfax County, Virginia, on Halloween at midnight, you’ll be murdered by the Bunnyman. The lore has the important pieces: a date, an asylum and the crashing of a transport bus. In 1904, an asylum stood not far from the bridge. The asylum closed and patients were being transported to a new location. The bus had an accident and all the inmates were accounted for…except for one. The escaped mental patient was named Douglas Griffon. After the crash, he disappeared. Weeks passed, and rabbit corpses began appearing in the woods. Douglas was apparently eating bunnies to stay alive. This went on for a while. On Halloween night at midnight, a group of kids were hanging around the bridge. They were found strung up like bunnies - gutted and hanging from the bridge. Griffon was assumed to be the killer. There are problems with the urban legend. There was never an asylum near this bridge. 1904 is an early time for buses to be on roads. But every urban legend begins with a shred of truth. Brian Conley, an archivist for the Fairfax County government, worked for the county’s library system as a historian in the 1990s. He was often asked if the Bunnyman was real. In his research, he discovered that in 1970, a couple was parked in a driveway not far from the bridge - which is actually a train overpass. Someone appeared suddenly near their car, yelled at them about trespassing, and threw a hatchet at the car. The couple could only describe the person as dressed in “white or light-colored clothing” and that they “may or may not have had something on his head.” So, a terrifying random encounter with no injuries or murder, becomes a man in a bunny suit chasing kids through the woods with a hatchet. And yet, we are not opening a case on the infamous Bunnyman. There is nothing unexplained there. Our case involves the road leading to the Bunnyman Bridge and what a now-famous TikTok influencer experienced. Rosie Grant is known on social media for cooking recipes found on gravestones. Unexplained Cases had the joy of connecting with her and learning not only of what she heard about the Bunnyman growing up in northern Virginia, but also an incredibly strange experience she had near the “Bunnyman Bridge.” Please note, there is no parking in or near the bridge. So, this isn’t a location that can easily be investigated. Of course, there are plenty of questions: Was this goggle and dark clothing clad woman a ghost? If a ghost, does she haunt the area or was she merely passing through that day? Why was she in the middle of the road at nearly the middle of the day? Has she been seen by anyone else? If you or someone you know has seen or heard of reports of this woman, please contact us. For now, we thank Rosie for researching, cooking and sharing her gravestone recipes with the world. We also thank her for sharing and documenting a rather creepy experience near the Bunnyman Bridge. Reporting for Unexplained Cases, I’m Rick Garner.
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