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Unexplained Cases | Haunted Library of Scottsdale, AZ

Written by:  Darren Dedo Case Filed: 0 4/5/19 - Scottsdale, Arizona Executive Producer:  Rick Garner It looks like your typical public library. Rows and rows of books. Fiction, non-fiction, history, mystery. You name it, they've got it at the public library in Scottsdale, Arizona. But what's unique about the Mustang Branch - it's supposedly haunted. Librarian Pam Beach shared of an encounter she heard about from another library staffer. "And it would've been like on a Sunday morning. early before we opened. We're usually pulling holds and he said it just sounded like footsteps in the other aisle. So, he went around to look down that aisle and he couldn't see anything." Employees says lots of strange things happen between the stacks and the storage areas. "We are in our work area and will often hear things going along in the library especially when it's a little quieter," says Librarian Louisa Aikin. "S everal people h