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Haunted M's of Philly: McGillin's Olde Ale House | Unexplained Cases (2022)

Written by: Darren Dedo
Case Filed: 9/24/22
Executive Producer: Rick Garner


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: the birthplace of America. Home to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall - where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed. So much history and some say a lot of ghosts. The Unexplained Cases team traveled to the City of Brotherly Love, to investigate several paranormal hotspots known to be haunted by the spirits from the Revolutionary War…of famous business owners and politicians…some really crazy dressed apparitions…and possibly a pirate, too! In our second of three investigations, we visit the world-famous McGillin’s Olde Ale House in the heart of Philly. This watering hole opened to the public when Abraham Lincoln was elected President! Catherine and Williams McGillin poured the first beer there in 1860. Ma and Pa McGillin raised their 13 kids upstairs from the bar. Pa McGillin passed away in 1901, and Ma took over the joint. Ma ran it until she passed in 1937 at 90! Today, many people say their spirits remain! Maybe ready to pour another glass of ale for their customers. Unexplained Cases teamed up with Donna, from Philly Ghost Hunt to grab a pint, and yes investigate the spirits of the old bar. When you step inside the building, you can feel the energy of the tens of thousands of bar patrons who spent so many fun nights catching up with old pals at McGillin’s. While a beer sounded good, Rick, Darren and Donna had important work to do: to find who or what haunts McGillin's. On the main level, we captured spikes in EMF readings with our MelMeter, It measures changes in the electromagnetic field. It was holding fairly steady above a 2. But, with electrical and water lines above and below, it’s unlikely this was paranormal. Donna pulled out her spirit box to figure out how many old-timers were with us - wishing they could be drinking at the bar. Maybe even Ma McGillin herself! Donna also used her dosing rods and had several interesting conversations with the famous folks of the establishment. In the upstairs of the bar, Donna pulled up a chair and started a conversation with who she believes was a former bar patron named Joe. Our SLS Camera captured what appears to be someone having a drink with her. The Structured Light Sensor or SLS camera, uses an infrared light projector with a monochrome CMOS sensor that shows the living and sometimes unexplained figures as dots and lines. One of the most haunted places is said to be down in the basement -- the kitchen. Spooky and creepy, especially when you are by yourself, I tried to connect with a spirit that has been living down there for well over 200 years. I did get a few ticks on the MelMeter. It bounced around from zero, up to a two...but, it is hard to say it was spiritual energy because there was a ton of metal and pipes in the room. But, something did make me jump out of my skin. It turned out to only be a machine turning on suddenly. Our night at McGillin’s Olde Ale House was very interesting, a very cool place to investigate and of course grab a cold one to wrap up a night.
ABOUT UNEXPLAINED CASES: The Unexplained Cases team is focused on preserving history while documenting the strange, paranormal and unexplained. What separates Unexplained Cases from other paranormal groups is that Darren Dedo and Rick Garner, who today are recognized as early pioneers of the “ghost hunting”genre, have over 35 years in broadcast radio and television news and have won a Southeast Regional Emmy and Associated Press awards. Over the past few years, the UC team has grown to add Michael Chinn as Lead Investigator and Researcher in addition to having the privilege to collaborate with several renowned paranormal investigators, including A&E’s Ghost Hunters Daryl Marston, Mustafa Gatollari, Brandon Alvis, Brian Murray, and Richel Stratton, as well as Malia Miglino from YouTube’s “Macabre Mondays” and “Grave Hunter”. SUPPORT US: Paypal | Patreon | Channel Member | GET MERCH: Teespring | GET EQUIPMENT: Spirit Box SB7 | SBox Ghost Box | K2 EMF Meter | Mel Meter | REM Pod | EDI+ Meter | Laser Grid and Tripod | CONNECT WITH US: Youtube | TikTok | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn |
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