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In Search of Moehau Man | Unexplained Cases (2022)

Written by: Jim Birchall
Case Filed: 6/11/22
Executive Producer: Rick Garner


Sasquatch, Yeti, Yeren, Yowie, and Swamp Ape…all names which essentially identify a legendary cryptid known across the world - Bigfoot. He goes by another name here in New Zealand. And today I am at the foot of the __ on a very inclement day in New Zealand. I’m here with paranormal investigator and researcher Marc Coppell and we’re hopefully going to have some sightings or capture some audio of New Zealand’s own bigfoot, known as the Moehau Man. Reports of the Moehau Man date back over 120 years. Mark has done extensive research and interviewed over two dozen witnesses in New Zealand who have had their own sightings and strange encounters with this cryptid. I journey into the New Zealnd bush with paranormal investigator Marc Coppell. “In the New Zealand bush, I’ve heard a strange whooping sound. Some of it seems to respond to me. Now, the real weird stuff that I'm picking up are voices that mimic what I say. I have taken other people out with me and they like to mimic what us humans say. I’ve heard these very strange footfalls as well. Now, I normally wear a GoPro mic, a point of view camera…they’re ok with picking up sound but they don’t necessarily pick up sounds further away even if I might hear it. So, what I’m trying to do is use audio that will pick up things that are further away. I’ve heard screams, being followed, having the feeling of being watched, stone clacks, strange structures as well. As I’ve looked into all of this, I’ve looked into the history of Sasquach around the world - there’s various names around the world - there’s a lot of things that happen in New Zealand that are happening internationally. There are many names for Sasquach or Bigfoot around the world. Here in New Zealand one of those names is Moehau Man, named after the Moehau Mountain over in Coromandel Peninsula. There’s also the Maero, the Rapuwai, and several other Mouehu names. Now even the Maero talked about these strange wildman that could overpower their warriors and they feared they would eat them or take their people.” Marc and I continue further into the bush. “Well when I started looking through this area, I was originally looking at a historical old gold area. And this is where I noticed these strange footfalls. As a paranormal investigator, I thought ‘what’s going on here?’ And not only that, I came across these very strange footprints right by this creek area. Now, this is an area where there’s no public tracks. And anybody going in there might be risking their life because it’s very steep, very thick, New Zealand terrain is very hazardous - it’s like rain forest. You have to be prepared when you go out there. Things can happen. You might slip and hurt yourself. I would sometimes hear these voices, I would pick them up on my mics. I started researching and looking around the world for what’s going on. I started putting the pieces of the puzzle together to show that there’s something going on here. It seems like it could have something to do with New Zealand's Bigfoot or the Moehau Man.” After getting the lay of the land and hearing about the Moehau Man, it was time for us to get into the bush. "Yup, we’re going to need a rope for down here. It’s very steep. But typical New Zealand bush, very slippery, and steep, and hazardous." Then we found some strange woodpiles. "Now sometimes in these kinds areas- remote areas of the wild - we come across these strange wood piles. Sometimes tee-pee like structures. Sometimes branches are leaning against trees. Sometimes there’s arches, literally pulled over to form like an arch. There’s tree leans, where you get like a branch is placed within 2/4 of the tree, I believe these are indicators. These trees are cut by man as they have saw marks on them. What they do, I’ve seen massive healthy trees snapped down. No lighting, no burn marks. Tress are snapped. Trying to find a reason why that happened." Marc says he’s even captured footage of UFOs while searching in the area. Many have wondered if there’s a connection between UFOs and cryptids. While we didn’t come across any striking evidence of the Moehau Man on this investigation, Mark and other researchers continue to find mysterious evidence that point to the existence of this creature. Reporting for Unexplained Cases, I’m Jim Birchall.
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